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Do your tree woes have you stumped? At Rapid City Tree Service, we’re committed to providing you with the largest selection of tree service packages in Rapid City, South Dakota. If you’re tired of searching “tree removal service near me,” on your favorite search engine— look no further. Our services go above and beyond those of our competitors, from tree removal and tree trimming to stump grinding and stump removal. We’re more than a tree service company— we’re landscapers, tree trimmers, bush trimming specialists, and tree pruning wizards. Whether you need help with tree cutting or are wondering how tree cutting services can improve your lifestyle, Rapid City Tree Service is here to help.

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We understand how difficult search engines can be when you’re looking for the perfect business to assist you with your problem. You likely have spent hours searching “tree companies near me,” and have come up short of finding a tree service conducive to your needs. Stop searching, and reclaim your valuable time with Rapid City Tree Service. Always a click or call away, our tree services beat out the competition every time.

Tree Removal

If you’re concerned about an ageing oak, need an Elm eradicated, or simply need assistance discerning how to maintain your property best, our tree removal service will provide you with the first-class type of service you deserve.

Removal is an extreme preventative method of dealing with a tree that cannot be salvaged. As such, it is something that we consider as a last resort. Tree removal, though, should be anticipated lest the unwanted tree causes an incident that leads to injury or potential property damage. Imagine waking up to a scene of a tree cutting down the middle of your car because it fell. There are signs you can watch out for as well that will indicate it is time to take matters into our hands. From there, we can come over and assess to determine if removal is indeed necessary or if other measures can be done.

It could be the branches or the roots which are threatening the structure of the home. If you see that there is a branch which is handing quite close to the vehicles or the home; then it would be good to remove it before wind and rain make it vulnerable enough to break and come down on your doors and windows. The same is the case for roots, as these even lift the patio stones and driveway. Another sign is a leaning tree. Depending on the history of the tree, its leaning may or not be considered a significant problem. If it has been that way for several years and has not moved in terms of inclination for years, it may pose less risk. However, if it has changed its position following a storm or another natural disaster such as a tremor, it would be safe to remove it because it is prone to falling and causing damage. In either case, it is safe to call and let us do the evaluation.

Damage is also a clear indication that a tree should be removed because it is vulnerable to falling. The biggest symptoms of tree damage are large branches falling even when there has not been a storm in the area. The bark may start falling off in large sections around the trunk as well because of weather stress, or it is unhealthy. When nutrients which go through the roots and up the trunk to the leaves and fruit are not able to do so any longer, then decay may begin to set in. if the bark starts to fall from the tree and the crown does not produce more leaves, then it means the tree is not getting the right nutrients, so it is dying. It may still be salvageable, but it would be best if you call us to determine the scope of the problem.

Tree falling can be exceptionally dangerous to you as well as your property surrounding the tree. Falling a tree in a precise spot is an art and requires proper equipment and experience, and knowledge. Our experts have both as well as full insurance. Let us take that risky job off your shoulders and the stress that goes with it! And don’t keep putting off getting that tree out, or a wind storm will do it for you! Keep your loved ones and buildings safe by giving us a call! Call us today for a free estimate!

Stump Grinding
& Removal

They can grow into septic systems, foundations, flower beds and much more. They are also a tripping hazard and can damage your mower blades. The pests are not the only reason why it would be advisable to remove a tree stump. You also need to consider the aesthetic problems that a tree stump would do to your property. Even if it is something that your eyes can get used to with time that may not necessarily be true with the neighbors or others who come to visit. It is much less the case if the plan is to place it into the market. The other reason to get rid of the stump is avoiding potential issues that could arise with the surrounding trees. When the stump is in the yard, there is a possibility of tree sprouts coming up. The stump may cause them to continue growing in an unplanned fashion resulting in more costs toward removal or trimming. The converse as well may happen because the stump leads to an infestation of insects and mold as it slowly begins to decompose. These infestations could spread to the nearby trees and shrubs, making your yard diseased and frail.

There have been questions about the best approach. Stump removal and grinding are both viable options. Choosing the one which is the best would depend on the plans that are in place for the landscape. The process for stump removal is the more aggressive between these types. It would mean having to excavate the tree stump along with the roots. For your information, the roots of a tree can be three times as large as the tree itself. That would mean it would take quite a bit of resources and tools to get the job done.

On the other hand, following stump removal, you are left with something clean, so you would be open to any new ideas for this landscape. You can start from scratch and plant trees or any other shrubs depending on preference, but it would be better if this were initially and not when the yard has matured. After all, the stump does leave a large hole behind, which has to be filled in. Stump grinding is not as intensive compared to removal. Our team would come with a machine that would shred the stump to wood chippings. Though the grinding finishes off the visible parts of the tree to almost ground level, the roots spread 8 or 12 feet beyond the level of the stump was underground. After grinding, these roots are going to decay. However, it is quite a long process, and it could take many years before they completely decompose. The great thing about it is the wood chippings can be used as mulch for the other trees and shrubs in the yard at no cost. It is a great way of encouraging the growth of the other plant life while minimizing the damage of the problematic option.

Call the tree removal experts at Rapid City Tree Service before you make any significant decisions about your property. From stump grinding to stump removal, our arborists will assist you in planning out your landscape dream while providing the highest quality tree service results at prices you can afford. Getting rid of that trouble stump will not only make your yard and property safer but will also add beauty! Think what you could replace it with! Call us today for a free estimate!

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Whether you’re reselling your home, enhancing your properties beauty, or minimizing potential insurance claims, our tree trimmers offer an affordable tree care service designed specifically for your home’s needs. Whether you need light tree pruning or tree trimming, Rapid City Tree Service has a tree service designed to fit your home’s needs.

Trees get sicknesses and diseases just like we do. But knowledgeable trimming can cut the disease away and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the tree or even to nearby trees. Do you have fruit trees? Then you will need pruning at least once a year to get the best bountiful harvest from them. Pruning makes the branches stronger and more productive. However, if you start pruning a tree without first having the knowledge, you could damage your tree and set it back a few years to recover! Let the professionals handle your trimming and pruning for you! Call us today for a free estimate!

Shrub and Bush
​Trimming & Pruning

Our tree service professionals are experts at beautifying even the most basic yards, from increasing your property value to enhancing your home’s natural beauty. No matter how elegant and beautiful your home is, an overgrown hedge will make it appear sloppy and tired. Not to mention, your landscaping and flowers are an expensive investment, so why not make them work for you! Add value and curb appeal to your home by keeping your shrubs and hedges sharp and healthy! Call us for a free estimate today!

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Both cabling and bracing have become one of the more popular ways to give some structural support to the trees. Those trees that are mature enough to grow limbs and branches can reach proportions, so the trunks cannot support their weight. The trees with open canopies and multiple trunks can be at risk of falling also. There is a significant difference between the two options of cabling and bracing. Cabling is good for the support of trees that have a structural problem or weakness. It is done by setting up steel rods between the main branches of the canopy, so there is a stabilization of the movement. It also reduces the stress by distributing the weight of the tree in an even manner. That also lessens the threat of potential damage if there is some bad weather.

On the other hand, bracing is a supplemental support system for the tree, limiting the movement of the branches. It entails rods and bolts used to secure the limbs that have been split, or they would be at risk of doing so. Cabling is best used for higher branches through structural support of the higher parts of the tree. Bracing is better for the lower parts, such as cracks in the trunk and so forth. There are two main types of cabling in the market, and these are static and dynamic. The static cabling variety is used most of the time to repair and support the damage that is already there. It practically restricts any movement and swaying of the trees in their position. Static also includes high strength cables, which mean there is no give in the branch movement.

​Dynamic cabling allows trees to move with the wind, so there is a chance to build more. It is usually implemented as one of the more proactive measures to prevent cases of damage. Dynamic cabling would also utilize a particular form of braided rope, which includes elastic attributes. Some tree species would gain benefit from cabling, and these are those which have multiple trunks or have large and open canopies. They can include ash, birch and oak. The great thing about cabling and bracing apart from providing support for unstable trees is that they also circumvent the danger of falling trees and limbs. You may not have to remove that tree after all if it is weak following a stabilization of the limbs. It also anchors the trees to the ground and allows for the restoration of the trees. Our line of preventative service options can help you focus on maintenance rather than elimination.

Tree Health ​Maintenance & Care

We’ll work with you, the client, to develop a strategy conducive to your wants and needs. We always believe that where there’s a will, our tree service specialists will always be able to find a way. Maintenance of trees is not always something that may be at the top of your mind when it comes to tree services, but it is equally important. You will save a lot of trouble in the future by getting to know potential problems before they arise. You will also get to increase the property value. When the trees and lawn are pleasing from an aesthetic perspective, the value of your residence will increase as well. Your home exterior and the landscaping are usually the first, and only impression had by people visiting. If it is well planned and monitored, that will add to others who come to see you. Preventative tree maintenance is also going to keep them from developing broad or weak branches. It will mean trimming the limbs, so they do not have weak crotches, or they will not cross and compete for spacing.

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