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Taking care of your home, property, family and valuables always tops your list of must-dos. From oil changes for your vehicle, to preventative maintenance in your home, routine care services increase the lifespan for almost any item. Tree care is no exception. Investing in the quality tree care services only our tree care company can provide will ensure your property is always putting it’s best leaf forward.

Initial Evaluation

Like many of the items mentioned above, an initial evaluation is always necessary. From understanding the pH of the constantly changing Rapid City, South Dakota soil, to examining the structure of your tree’s root system, our initial evaluations offer the perfect overview to understand the scope of service needed. We’ll help you understand what’s going on above the ground and below the ground and build customized tree service packages that both address routine maintenance, yearly treatments, and longevity planning.

Preventative Maintenance Packaging

From shrub removal to brush trimming, our preventative maintenance packages are the perfect addition to any of our existing tree services packages. Since our pros are already onsite, adding an additional service is not only efficient but can save you loads of money in the long run. From weekly to yearly preventative strategy options, our customizable options are easy to understand, simple to schedule, and always work within your timing parameters.

Above Ground Root Systems

Do you have a tree whose roots are becoming exposed? Once laying below ground, are you witnessing them suddenly emerging on the surface of your lawns? Your roots are the lifeline to your tree’s ultimate health. Our tree service specialist can help examine and identify root issues and provide roots system treatments to maintain their structural integrity.

Fungi and Pests

At Rapid City Tree Service we know that tree Fungi and burrowing pests can compromise the health of your trees. From eco-conscious pesticides, to natural treatments, our arbor enthusiasts can assess what’s going on below the bark, and get to the heart of the problem before the problems get to the heart of your tree. Fungi van slowly develop on the exterior of your tree, permeating beneath the bark leaving it susceptible to increasing damage. If you’ve noticed, even a small mushroom, growing on the trunk of your tree, give us a call immediately. We’ll fix the problem in minutes, before it becomes a costly, and potentially fatal, issue.

Growth Planning

If you’re in the process of planting new trees, or are simply tending to newly planted trees, our growth strategies can make your tree’s future greener. With our growth planning we’ll help you understand the way growth occurs, what downfalls certain trees experience, and what preventative actions can be employed overtime to increase sustainability and longevity. Growth planning doesn’t just help achieve aesthetic results, it can combat against costly tree removal services later on. Don’t let your trees stump you when it comes to their care, let the tree care services company that is trusted most in Rapid City, start taking care of you today.

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