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Look no further for your tree service needs the arbor experts at Rapid City Tree Service. We’ve been serving Rapid City, South Dakota for generations, and our tree service company is the premier choice of local consumers. If you’re looking for the best tree pruning pro, shrub trimming expert, or tree care service enthusiast, our company is here to help. From tree removal, to tree trimming, we’ve led the competition for years. Our education, training, and employee dedication has made us number one year after year. Whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to sell your family’s forever home, trust in the difference only our tree company makes, with assistance from Rapid City Tree Service.

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We know how difficult managing your busy lifestyle can be, and we’re dedicated to freeing up more of your valuable time. Spend more time enjoying your every day while we take care of all the messy details. From tree stump removal to basic tree care service, we’ll be sure to help you with your every arbor endeavour. Don’t trust the rest, before you’ve tried the best. At Rapid City Tree Service we’ll ensure that your every need is met with expertise, panache and enthusiasm. No tree service is too big or small for our tree company to consult on. Let our tree services be your game changer. Let our experience help improve your home’s view with the diverse knowledge and products only we can offer.



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