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Supporting you, and your most important trees, is the soul of Rapid City Tree Service. Our commitment to your trees’ longevity is inherent to our tree care company’s mandate. Whether you’re experiencing structural issues, or injury, to your most prized trees, our tree services provide the ultimate solutions to keep your greens safe, sound and secure.

Remedying Existing Damage

From a random lightning strike and effects experienced from aging, to environmental damage and genetic issues, our tree care service company protects your property day and night. When you’re afraid that total tree removal is your only option, we want you to make us your first choice for your tree care service inquiries. Many trees can be saved from total tree removal, extensive tree cutting our extinction. If saving your family’s most special Maple is what matters most to you, our suite of extensive tree service options has the perfect solution.

Tree Cabling

Most of our customers had never heard of tree cabling when they first called us, which is why we love to personally take the opportunity to explain it in person. In short, tree cabling helps maintain your tree’s natural structure by providing it longevity assistance through the installation of small cables between weakened limbs and the tree’s strongest areas. Tree cabling protects against sudden breakage, hazards, and unnecessary tree removal; but most importantly ensures that your favorite tree can enjoy an even longer life with you and your family.

Tree Bracing

Like tree cabling, tree bracing is most concerned in steadying and supporting your tree’s basic structure. Much like the crumbling concrete of a house, tree bracing focus on your restoring tree’s foundation. From outside to in, tree bracing focuses on supporting the tree in many different ways. From weakening limbs, to weight bearing forks that become heavier with time, tree bracing is one of the strongest ways our tree care company can support both your deciduous and conifer trunks. Tree bracing may also be utilized in conjunction with our tree cabling services to provide ultimate support to both the lower and upper extremities of your tree.

Insurance Claims

Rapid City Tree Service deals with insurance companies all the time. From assisting you in protecting yourself against creating hazardous environments, to recovering from property accidents, our tree care service pros have you covered. If you’re seeking to correct the hazardous conditions a failing tree can promote, we want you to reach out. Day or night, our specialized tree services and specialists are here to take your call. If safety is your top priority, the best tree care company in Rapid City, South Dakota is ready to jumpstart your tree surgery with our risk-free consultations. For many of our clients, fixing their trees in response to a major disaster is when they need assistance most. Dealing with your insurer, we’ll help you understand your coverage and work with your insurance provider to make sure you get the quality tree care you deserve.

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