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Down trees, overgrowth, derelict properties, and densely forested land make maintaining your grounds a difficult endeavor. From wild weather to climate change, the environment can exert chaos on your properties’ most valuable wood. When you need a tree company you can rely on for your biggest tree removal catastrophes, Rapid City Tree Serviceis here to take the weight of your wood off your shoulders.

Inclement Weather

Once the warm weather starts, your property is at the whim of Mother nature. Whether heavily covered, or home to just one big tree, our tree removal specialists are ready and waiting to help you prepare for the next big storm, or cleanup from an unforeseen lightning strike. From tree trimming to tree cutting, our experts are educated in all types of arbor management. Affordable and reliable, you can’t afford not to hire tree company pros to help you combat the effects of the South Dakota weather. Rain or shine, ensure our arborists are the only people tackling your weather related tree issues.

Keeping It Green

When you’re in the market for a tree removal company that specializes in more than just tree removal, we want to be our first call. With a focus on the environment, we use environmentally friendly products and aftermarket services to ensure we’re minimizing our ecological footprint wherever possible. Our earth conscious efforts have made us a driving force in our industry, and have set the standard for eco-conscious tree cutting. If you’re concerned about your bottom line, as well as the environment, Rapid City Tree Service has the perfect tree care service for you. Simply let one our tree service specialists know that you’re interested in the environmental options your project might provide, and we’ll educate on all the diverse ways you can help Mother Earth.

Preventative Maintenance

Is tree removal absolutely necessary? We’re faced with this question all the time. Complete tree removal is only performed in instances where the client requests it, or in circumstances where the tree can simply not be saved. Most preventative strategies such as tree trimming, tree pruning and cabling can help prevent the need for a full tree extraction. If you’re trying to save your tree, rather than remove it, check out our bracing and cabling options for additional service support.

Complete Cleanup

When you utilize our tree services, we guarantee we’ll take the mess with us; in fact we’ll always give you the option. Many clients require a complete cleanup after our tree cutting experts are finished, while others prefer to keep the brush and wood for themselves. With our customercentric options, you’ll always get to choose. Our tree removal service ensures that every client achieves their ultimate desires. Whether you want to keep a log, or come home to a pristine yard, our tree removal pros are here to help. We work for you! Whatever the project, whatever the scope, you’ll always have the last say on any major decisions.

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