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Welcoming Summer back into your life is always fun, but pesky yard maintenance can get in the way. Don’t dread the work that spring showers and May flowers bring. Stop and smell the Roses with the expert tree services our trusted tree service company provides. From bush trimming to full bush removal, our tree care service has something for everyone. Enhance your yard and lighten your workload with the quality help only Rapid City Tree Service can provide.

Bush Removal Service

Have your brilliant bushes begun looking blah? Are they dying in areas, or have they simply outgrown their purpose? Don’t sweat the small stuff with just a little bit of help from our tree care service pros. From partial bush extraction to complete bush extinction we won’t only clear away your unwanted brush, but we’ll ensure that it doesn’t grow back. Whether you’re starting from scratch or embarking on a complete landscaping overhaul, our specialized solutions will make your biggest, baddest, bushes seem like they were never there.

Bush Trimming

Bushes are terrific for privacy, light shade, and curb appeal, but when they become overgrown, too tall, or just too full, they can begin to impede on your life. Our bush trimming specialists can adjust the height of your bushes easily, and seamlessly. We can help cut them back, thin them out, or even just make them appear more streamlined. Our tree care company specializes in bush beautification, and whatever your vision, we’ve got years of expertise under our belts to help you accomplish it. Reach out for a no obligation consultation and start living your best life today with the guided efforts of Rapid City Tree Service.

Shrub Trimming

Back problems causing you concern? Sick and tired of bending over to constantly maintain the look of your shrubs? Our tree service company takes away all the back breaking work, so that you can enjoy your garden painlessly. Our shrub trimming enhances your home’s value, beautifies your outdoor living space, and streamlines out of control landscaping. Sophisticated, sculpted and styled, our tree service packages will maximize on your property’s potential. Boasting extended service hours and total cleanup, you won’t be able to afford not to enroll in our shrub trimming programs. From your sidewalk to pond walkway, we’ll create stunning shrub solutions specific to your taste.

Pruning and Aesthetics

Shrub pruning and bush pruning can take countless hours, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up with uneven lines, unleveled bush tops, and awkward hedges. Not everyone is an Edward Scissorhands, but your educated tree service pros are. Whether you want to wow your neighbours, reimagine your current landscaping, or simply maintain the current look of your yard, our tree pruning and bush aesthetics packages were developed with the needs of our customers in mind. Whether you’re planning for the future, or developing your original landscape vision, our aesthetic advisors will help you transform your outdoor living space in a snap.

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